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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Russell Wilson IS Alex Rodriguez

Put simply, Russell Wilson IS Alex Rodriguez.  I'm not talking about talent or stats.  I refer to conversational demeanor and projected attitude.  A-Rod always had a very polished way of speaking and his words were rife with the standard sports/motivational/I'm-so-humble cliches.  It seemed clear to me that he was very well coached about how to act when being interviewed.  I see the very similar behavior from Russell Wilson, even down to his tone of voice.

I don't intend to come across as demeaning.  I'm a fan of both DangeRuss and A-Rod.  I'm glad these guys are able to communicate in a more-refined manner than the bulk of the population.

I think, though, that part of RW's disconnect with many of the Seattle fans might be some sort of subconscious reaction to the similarities.  A-Rod, after leaving the Mariners, was fairly reviled (in a friendly way) by Seattle fans.  Could it be that people, upon hearing the rookie QB speak, are unknowingly reacting (instinctively?) because on their distaste for Rodriguez and RW's similarity?

Seattle fans, for as long as observed them, have preferred those who rose to prominence through ingenuity or, alternatively, against the odds.  RW's story line looks to be a perfect match in a lot of ways.  Conversely, however, Seattle fans have frequently railed against those they perceive as something less than "genuine." A-Rod's quasi-scripted interactions with the media and public were the prime example of the art of faked interest in the things beyond one's personal bubble.  Does Russell Wilson come across the same way?  How long will Seattle sports fans tolerate "I think the main thing is just to play great football?"

Matt Flynn, not so much.  The Humble Lumberjack.